Donna before and after

Age: 53
Lost: 24 lbs.

Donna Ohana has been training with Ky since April 2010 and has lost 24 pounds and dropped a dress size. "The strangest thing happened the other day," Donna says. "I put on a pair of size 10 jeans and they were too big! And I thought, 'What?! Am I an 8 again? The only 8 I've been for the longest time is my shoe size!'" Here, in her own words, is her story:

In April 2010 I was speaking with a friend of mine about my frustration with not being able to get strong, and not being able to get smaller because I eat too much. She mentioned that the only sort of work out she likes is pilates. A light went on in my head: I've had personal trainers at clubs, I've done the stairs at Santa Monica, I've owned a thigh master, an ab roller, a gym mat with weights, and a trampoline and still I could not squeeze it, jump it, or schlepp it off. Then I found Ky.

Ky was the highest energy person I'd ever seen. I don't mean only physically, but he was (and still is, for each and every class I've taken for 18 months) very engaged, in tune, and very much a part of every minute of the workout he gives. And yes, he was jumping around wildly and adorably, just as he continues to do for each and every class.  

They say crack can be addictive with the first use. They say that people can actually really enjoy working the body hard, sweating, and challenging every fiber of your being. They say that results come and to just enjoy the journey because it is an unending journey, not a destination. They say those things because they're true.

I'm addicted to the feeling of feeling good, and looking good has been more like a byproduct. The Studio (MDR) gets you so in touch with your body, so in love with your body, that the nurturing and caring for it extends beyond the time you spend there. And that's why everyone fortunate enough to attend the Studio agrees that it is a life-changing experience.

Even though I was a happy person with a hubby that loved every pound of me, it was a bad situation -- and that is why I am going out on a limb with these photos. Because who in the world would put out a photo of their bare tummy that is so awful unless they were trying to make a point that might just help or encourage someone else? My pics are difficult to look at, but why lie? It's difficult to change, which is why it is so important to have a great place to come to, and to support you with encouragement and confidence in you.

It's one thing to get your body to look good in clothes, but changing how your actual fleshy body looks ... that's when you need something amazing, radical, and highly effective!

I often wonder what freakin' planet Ky is from, to have such a drive, such passion and compassion for each and every person he instructs. He always inspires, unconditionally cares, continuously changes it up, and outrageously entertains each and every one of his students and each and every class he teaches. I don't have to commit to showing up for a class; I run there, with joy, knowing I'm on the receiving end of a really good thing!

Ky recently told me that one more year and I will be really toned and looking like I did when I was way younger -- at which point we're heading directly to Hawaii, where I will sport nothing but a bikini. I will be back here with that update!