Emily before and after

I have always been active, but there comes a time when you need an “extra nudge.” My nudge came when I was training for a half-marathon and wanted to be a stronger runner.

The Studio (MDR) was recommended to me, so I took an introduction class and loved it! I saw physical results in four months and had a very successful run. However, after the half-marathon I was not consistent with my (MDR) workouts and stopped coming.

Fast forward a few years, when I needed a workout that was consistent, fit my work schedule, and I didn’t have to “think” about what routine to do. The Studio (MDR) immediately came to mind, so I am back and wondering why I ever left. I love the flexibility in studio location, class time, and class instructors--not to mention the great workout I get every time I come. I still find the routines challenging, so there is room for improvement and growth. Although I love working out at (MDR), I am not a fan of any move that has a “hold” for any length of time. My next goal is to make it through each workout and “hold” mentally and physically stronger than the session before. I love this place and I am grateful that The Studio (MDR) is part of my weekly schedule.