Adriana & Pierre, before and after

Age: 33

Lost: 26 lbs.

Age: 35
Lost: 30 lbs.

How did you guys start coming to classes at The Studio (MDR) -- did you join together? Did one of you talk the other into coming?
ADRIANA: Pierre and I started taking classes at different times last year. I had been circling the Studio for months and never seemed to have the courage to sign up for the beginner class. I wanted to try it so badly, but I was terrified -- I had never done anything remotely like it. I finally had the courage to walk through the doors when my favorite pair of jeans "mysteriously shrank" in the wash (along with my entire wardrobe) and I began taking classes in June of 2011. I left that first class drenched in sweat, I barely did any of the exercises, but I was absolutely blown away by all the positive encouragement and support I received that day from Ky and Lisa. The second I got home I told Pierre that he had to try it. He quickly laughed and said in the most loving way, "Hell no."  

PIERRE: To be honest, when Adriana told me that it was "Pilates -- Inspired," all I heard was "Pilates," which in my (then quite narrow) mind, meant that it was for ladies.  Adriana finally talked me into going to a beginners class, and I couldn't do ANY of the exercises. I actually flipped the bird at my wife who was supporting me/gawking on the sidelines. Of course, that's why I came back ... I'm a pretty competitive SOB.

What are some of the benefits of you BOTH working out here?
ADRIANA: We make it a point to do at least one class a week together.  It is our "date" -- our time to show off to each other, compliment each other, get fit together, as well as engage in some healthy competition. We leave those classes laughing, comparing whose dips are deeper in spoon, and loving life.

 PIERRE: This may sound sappy, but truthfully, working out at the Studio has brought us closer together. It's a common interest that we both share a passion for, and whether in class together or not, the Studio (MDR) is a big part of our lives as individuals and as a couple.

How much weight have you each lost?
ADRIANA: I've lost 15lbs, my size 8 jeans are happily hanging off of me, and I've moved in two holes on my belt. The best part about my transformation has been my change in the way I view myself. In my first class with Ky, I refused to take my eyes off the ground and look at myself in the mirror, I was embarrassed by my own reflection. Ky came over to me, directed my eyes upwards and said, "Look up ... look at what you've been given. You are beautiful." I'm always looking up now.

 PIERRE: Since I started working out at the Studio (MDR) I have lost a total of about 22 lbs. and my body is getting to the point where you can see noticeable changes. I never knew how much having a strong core could help me in everything I do, from tying my shoe to snowboarding. I feel stronger, have more energy, look healthier, eat better, and take better care of myself because of The Studio (MDR).