Joe, before and after

Lost: 25 Lbs.

The Studio (MDR) actually found me. I manage the K-Swiss store in Santa Monica and all of the trainers and clients are in here constantly. Ky and the other trainers tried to talk me into taking a class, but more than anything else it was the clients who'd come in here who eventually got me to sign up. I'd see them come in again and again and I'd see results every day. Ky told me, "Once you try it, you'll never go back to anyone else." And I thought, I'm going to put you to the test on that. Sure enough, I was hooked five minutes into my first class.

Before training at The Studio (MDR), my workouts were a lot of distance running, swimming, and weight training. I run 5Ks, 10Ks, and marathons. Despite all of this training, my weight had crept up to 200 pounds. But even though I thought I was going into my first class as a strong person, those first five minutes killed me. My body had begun to fail and my mind was racing. I LOVED it.

I came to the studio weighing 200 lbs, and my goal for the last two years has been to get back to my race weight of 170 lbs. Within the first six months of training with Ky, I lost 25 lbs, and my new goal is to maintain this weight and continue to get stronger

I was already a good runner; now I'm a great runner. The change is night and day. It's easier to run faster now. Training with Ky has shaved 2 minutes off my average mile pace, which is a very big deal. And I can dig a lot deeper now; I have a lot more stamina and endurance when I train and race. Also, I used to be very prone to injury. I ran my last marathon completely injured. Since starting Kylates, I haven't been injured once. I feel pretty much unstoppable.

The progress I've made with Ky has spilled into all parts of my life. I'm happier, stronger, and more confident than I've ever been. My next race is a ½ marathon and I'm going for a personal record.

Like Ky predicted, I'm hooked. I'm not going anywhere else.