Lisa before and after

This warrior took her first class with the simple goal of not falling off the machine! Now, she’s 32 pounds lighter and had to shop for a new wardrobe when she went from a size 8 to a size 4. Here’s her story.

How did you find The Studio (MDR)?
Actually, The Studio (MDR) found me. I was taking classes for a short time at another studio where Ky and Jessi were previously teaching. After my first class with Ky, I literally could not move for several days. While I’d initially only wanted to do SPX for one month, after the first day I was hooked. It was like nothing I had ever experienced.

Tell us a little more about that first class, and your initial goals …
I was hoping not to fall of the machine! I have exercised all my life. I always had personal trainers and private classes but I was getting older and my body seemed to be slowing down. I also stopped smoking after 32 years and gained a lot of weight as a result. People constantly referred to me as “thick.” When I first started working out at The Studio (MDR), my goals were to change my body shape -- not just lose weight. I wanted to re-shape my body and build my endurance to get as strong as possible.

What were some of your first challenges you had to face?
When I started at The Studio (MDR) I had extreme problems with my back and hips. I couldn’t even hold a plank without going to my knees, and almost every exercise would cause me a great deal of pain in my back as well as my hips. I discussed my issues with Ky and the other wonderful instructors and they would all modify certain moves and guide and help me through it all. Pretty quickly, I started getting so strong in my core that my back pain disappeared altogether.

How has The Studio (MDR) changed your life?
For starters, I have far exceeded my initial goal of getting uber-fit and strong. I was 154 pounds and a size 8 at my heaviest; now I’m down to 122 and a size 4. It was so much fun buying all new clothes! In addition to working out at The Studio (MDR), I also completely changed what I eat. I am living my life gluten free, I limit my carbs, and I eat primarily protein and vegetables. And I am loving it! Even better, my life has become so much fuller with all the new friends I have made at The Studio (MDR). Everyone is so inspiring and motivated. I found it so helpful and supportive when Lisa invited The Studio (MDR) to do the Cleanse Challenges. I have become very close with several women at The Studio (MDR) and often socialize with them outside of class. I am grateful for so many wonderful friends that I have made here.

Any advice to those who are inspired by your success?
My advice is to not over-train; I have done that in the past, not allowing my body to recover, and it wasn’t helpful at all. In fact, I found that I lost more inches when I slowed down and gave my body a break between workouts. Also, it’s crucial to realize that diet is at least 50 percent of the equation when it comes to fitness, and that includes staying well hydrated.