Michael before and after

Starting point: I started working out at The Studio (MDR) in late September weighing in at 197 lbs and pushing a 34-inch waistline.

Right now: I'm down to 178 lbs (2 lbs over my high school weight!) and a comfortable 32-inch waistline. With a regular workout schedule and a slight change in diet, I've dropped almost 20 lbs in just under 3 months.

The transformation: The first three or four classes were very much a struggle for me, as I could barely make it through an entire class. Now, I am able to work through each session with minimal breaks! I think more than anything, working out at The Studio (MDR) has encouraged me to lead a more healthy lifestyle. In the past, I would run and/or hit the gym without noticeable change. I've seen noticeable results in a short period of time and have committed -- without hesitation -- to a regular training program.  Now that I'm down to a reasonable weight, I've started thinking about ways to supplement my regular workout schedule at The Studio (MDR). My goal has always been to find and then maintain a healthy lifestyle. I think I've found a solution, and I can't thank Jessi enough for all of her support and guidance!