Natalie before and after

This warrior worked out at The Studio (MDR) all summer with a broken foot. Yep, you read that right. Not only was her doctor amazed at how quickly she healed, but everyone is also blown away by how fit she looks! Here’s her story of transformation …

How’d you find MDR?
I had heard about The Studio (MDR) after some of my girlfriends had been going and raved about the classes and instructors and let’s be real, they started to look better than ever. I had been in a workout rut, jogging and not really doing much strength training. I took my first class in June 2012 with Jessi, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I had tried other SPX studios in the area but they never kept my interest. At (MDR), the classes, instructors, gorgeous hot pink studio,15 megaformers or the fact that the owner, Lisa, made it a point to introduce herself to me during my first week in class all played a part in me being obsessed with The Studio (MDR). I love the atmosphere and the vibe -- and did I mention the glitter wallpaper?! Love. Also, it’s one of the most difficult workouts I’ve ever tried.
You’ve been working out with a broken foot! Tell us about that …
I had been taking class at The Studio (MDR) for just over a year when I broke my foot (the 3rd and 4th metatarsal). I was devastated. I had been training for an upcoming half marathon and knew that I wouldn’t be able to do the run.  After leaving the orthopedic surgeon’s office on crutches and in a CAM Boot, I couldn’t stop crying knowing that I wouldn’t be able to work out. My doctor had said I absolutely was not allowed to put weight on the broken foot and that I'd be out of commission for about 3-4 months. After about 2 weeks of icing and elevating my foot, I was not only feeling lazy (more like a water-buffalo), but mentally I was going crazy. I had never gone more than 3 days without exercise, so this was torture. I emailed Lisa and explained my situation, and she immediately emailed me back saying that Ky would allow me to come to his classes and would modify any weight bearing moves for me. To say I was ecstatic would be an understatement! My first class back I came in on crutches, rocking that big black boot, grumpy and feeling very sorry for myself. And Ky was amazing. He taught the class but would give me a modification if I couldn’t do the move. I did everything on my knees and crutched out of there dripping sweat and happy for the first time in weeks. If you took Ky’s class in the summertime, there’s a good chance you saw me and my crutches. I took his class every day it was offered.  Quickly, I began to get stronger and was even doing planks and pushups on one foot.  The Studio (MDR) was and still is my happy place. 

I ended up on crutches for 9 weeks, and then I had the cast/boot on for a total of 13 weeks.  I never had issues w/underarm pain like a lot of people do with crutches, and I think that has a lot to do with Ky’s kick-ass classes building up my upper body strength. I got guns now! My doctor was amazed at my fast recovery (he never knew I took class) and I owe that to Ky and the Studio (MDR). I truly believe Ky healed my foot!

What has been a breakthrough moment for you?
After my boot came off, Ky mentioned focus in one class. I then began to really concentrate on my breathing and focus on perfecting my form. I think this has made a huge difference. Of course I zone out and think about my job, laundry or whatever I have to do later, but the goal is to focus on doing the work in the class. The result has been an almost 10-pound weight loss, most of which has happened since I broke my foot. I feel strong and more confident. I am also running again and wearing heels! This past Monday, I was bummed that I had to go on a work trip and was going to miss the 8-minute plank … so I got up super early and did an 8-min plank on my own at 4:30 a.m. prior to catching my flight.  While at my sales meeting this week my co-workers, most of whom I hadn’t seen me since last January, all commented that I’d lost weight and looked very fit. 

What’s in store for you in 2014?
Not only is my butt smaller now, but I feel so strong -- both physically and emotionally. I can’t wait to get that first half-marathon on the books for 2014.  I cannot fully verbalize how grateful and thankful I am for Ky, Lisa, Jessi and the rest of the team at The Studio (MDR). I really do think that I never would have gotten such a positive outcome following my injury if I hadn't been training at The Studio (MDR). My life is so much fuller because I’m working out here.