Bernette before and after

After my wedding, I had gained about 25 pounds over 2 years and didn’t feel like myself anymore. I was running and lifting weights, but wasn’t eating properly and didn’t feel strong. I had done Lagree before in college and was in amazing shape because of it! I remembered that and when I saw that The Studio (MDR) had early morning classes, I tried my first class through ClassPass and was instantly hooked. I signed up for the membership after that first class!

I was soooooo sore in the beginning, but kept coming back because even though it was hard, I knew that was good for me. The instructors were so helpful, joyful, and motivating. I love Stephanie for her support and instruction, and Journey for making me laugh even at 5am!

I’m a member of the Tone It Up community and nutrition plan, and I really committed to their “lean, clean, and green” lifestyle (with treats included) at the same time I started taking classes at the studio. It’s been the perfect combo! That’s also been a game changer in terms of revealing all of the hard work I’ve put in at The Studio (MDR).

Physically, I’ve lost over 20 pounds, my clothes fit again, and I am injury-free!! Being a runner, before lagree, I would get minor aches/pains/injuries from running, but now I don’t! I 100% attribute that to the 3-4 classes I take per week at the studio. I also enjoy yoga so much more because of the strength I’ve gained. Mentally, I have so much more energy and am happier because I feel like myself again! My willpower has been stronger and my confidence is through the roof.