Wenji & Victor before and after

When Wenyi and Victor were looking for a fitness studio that offered late-night classes to accommodate their busy schedules, they had no idea how The Studio (MDR) would transform not only their bodies, but also their lives. Here’s their story.

1. How did you find The Studio (MDR)? Tell us a little bit about your first class. Did you find it challenging?
Wenyi found The Studio (MDR) while searching for a workout studio or gym that offered later evening classes, and she stumbled upon (MDR). Our first class was the Intro class on a Sunday 8 months ago, and almost the entire team was there and Ky was teaching the class.  We did maybe only 15 minutes of the simple wheelbarrows, plank to pike, plank, etc. and we were already dying.  For some strange reason, when Wenyi asked if I want to sign up for the 1 week special, I surprisingly said YES … and the rest is history.

2. Did you come to The Studio (MDR) together, or did one of you inspire the other to start taking classes? And do you take classes together or separately?
The best part of (MDR) is that we both finally found an exercise that we can do together and most importantly, have a class schedule that fits perfectly into our schedule (9:15 p.m. classes are the best). For the last 10 years, Wenyi has always occasionally done some forms of exercise (yoga, swimming, etc.) but was never able to find something that motivated her to go consistently.  I, on the other hand, am probably the most anti-exercise person you’ll meet. I didn’t do any exercise at all for the last 10+ years and was completely proud of that.  While my friends who continued to play sports or exercise were complaining about pain and surgeries, I was always laughing at them because I had no pain since I didn’t do any athletic activities.  Now, we always take classes together.  It is just so awesome that we can share this journey together and can laugh at each other when we can’t even move our legs or when our butts are in pain from the bungee.

3. What were your goals when you first started taking classes? Did you want to lose weight? Tone up? Feel better about yourselves/how you looked?
Initially, there were no goals.  I think we just simply wanted to find some exercise class that we could do together and that made us work up a good sweat. Soon after we started taking classes, we both had our own goals. Wenyi wanted to tone up, and I just wanted to be healthier.  I had tons of skin allergies in 2012 and I was miserable. My face was always red and blotchy along with body itch that made me sleepless. No doctor or medicine made me feel better. One month into taking classes at (MDR) and my skin started improving. Now I feel great! I guess I just needed to sweat out all the toxins inside.

4. What have been some of your biggest challenges along the way? Was there a point when you stopped coming to classes? Gave up when you were holding plank? And how have you overcome some of those challenges?
Surprisingly we didn’t encounter any big challenges that discouraged us from coming. We were and still are surprised by how quickly this became a part of our everyday routine. We constantly think about class and can’t wait to get to the Studio.  Even a two-day break seems too long now! We still can’t believe we would ever think this way about an exercise class. After so many months, we still find each and every move challenging. You would think we would know how to do the wheel barrel by now, but still, sometimes a muscle is finally strong enough to do what it is supposed to do and then you are like, OHHHH, so this is what the teachers meant all this time!

5. Tell us a little about your biggest victory so far? How’d you do it, and how’d you feel?
Our biggest accomplishment so far is definitely our stronger bodies and smaller clothes sizes. We have also introduced some of our friends to (MDR).  They live over an hour away but they are just as hooked as we are now. Our usual get-togethers are now (MDR) class with the reward of a nice meal afterward. We have changed our entire lifestyle, cutting out drinking during the week. Wenyi used to drink every night to help her sleep and now it’s no longer necessary. We feel fantastic! 

6. What are your goals now?
Our goal is to keep going. We will continue a three-day-a-week routine and occasionally throw in a fourth class. We are really proud of each other for continuing this healthy habit. Wenyi has bought jeans that are smaller than ever and I put on my wedding suit from 10 years ago and it fit perfectly. We will continue to challenge ourselves on class stamina and would love to do an entire class without any breaks one day. We just feel so grateful to Lisa for opening the Studio (MDR), and to Lindsay for kicking our butts every other day! And thank you to Ky for showing Lindsay how to kick our butts every other day!