Lisa Hirsch

lisa hirsch-solomon

Hometown: born at NYU Hospital, high school in New City, NY but call Venice, CA my home
Nickname: Mook, Lis
Favorite hobbies: Traveling, swimming, online shopping (I just browse…I swear!), eating
Secret talent: knitting
3 things to know about Lisa:
1. I once weighed 44 lbs more
2. I went to school in New Orleans
3. I am not a good dancer even in my own mind.  : )
Instagram: @lisanhirsch

Lindsay Hallam

Lindsay Hallam

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Nickname: When I was little it was "peanut" because I was very small.
Favorite hobby: I am a hobby queen, but I get bored easily and end up moving on to a new one. My favorite hobby is finding new hobbies!
Secret talent: Juggling
3 things to know about Lindsay:
1. I am loyal, ambitious and independent.
2. It's hard for me to commit to plans ahead of time—unless it involves eating food.
3. I value my health, family, close friends and my puppy, Nutty, most in life.
Instagram: @lindsay.hallam

Dana Goodman

Dana Goodman

Hometown: Boca Raton, FL
Nickname: D
Favorite hobbies: Working out and going to the beach with my husband and daughter.
Secret talent: I can say the alphabet backwards.
3 things to know about Dana:
1. I have a 7-month-old daughter, Saylor.
2. I married my high school boyfriend.
3. I'm pretty much the world’s worst cook.
Instagram: @dana__michelle

Albina Katsman

Albina Katsman

Hometown: Kiev, Ukraine
Nickname: Al, Bina, Beans, Bean, Beany, Beany Baby, Bean Bag, Beaner
Favorite hobbies: Dancing and Cleaning. Actually, dancing while I clean is probably my favorite thing.
Secret talent: I can speak Russian.
3 things to know about Albina:
1. I am a working actress.
2. After teaching or taking class at (MDR) East, I sometimes go to Costco just for the free samples.
3. My favorite number is 5.
Instagram: @akatsman

Stephanie Nuno

Stephanie Nuno (instructor)

Hometown: Playa Del Rey, California
Nickname: Guera (pronounced “weh-rah”). It means blondie in Spanish.
Favorite hobbies: Entrepreneurship, business and biology.
Secret talent: My guacamole gets me into all the good parties.
3 things to know about Stephanie:
1. I have 2 kids.
2. I am deathly afraid of bears.
3. I speak Spanish.
Instagram: @mdrsteph

Svetlana Dorofeeva


Hometown: Barnaul, Russia
Favorite hobbies: Hiking, travelling and eating.
Nickname: Sveta, Svet
Secret talent: Cooking Peruvian food.
3 Things to know about Svetlana:
1. I grew up in Siberia and I have lived in New York for 7 years.
2. My high school days included dance and sport aerobics competitions.
3. My family lives in Russia, Thailand and New York.


Kristin Kearney

Hometown: Bronxville, NY
Nickname: KGod and Kiki
Favorite hobbies: Working out and going to the beach
Secret talent: I make homemade ice cream.
3 things to know about Kristin:
1. I have a brindle Frenchie named Moose.
2. I've been to six of the seven continents.
3. I won an office wing-eating competition three years in a row.
Instagram handle: @kgod21


rebecca green

Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Nickname: Becca
Favorite hobby: Finding every restaurant in Los Angeles that serves breakfast all day.
Secret talent: Giving really good hugs
3 things to know about Rebecca:
1. I went to university to study dance and am a choreographer.
2. I'm music obsessed and was in the marching band as a kid (so many feather hats, so little time).
3. I'm a professional photographer who primarily shoots dancers, musicians and artists.
Instagram handle: @brkadurka

Olivia Chaniewski

Olivia Chaniewski (instructor)

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Nickname: Liv
Favorite hobby: Watching or performing improv comedy.
Secret talent: Drawing and painting
3 things to know about Olivia:
1. I love a good philosophical conversation about the meaning of life.
2. I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro.
3. I won a yodeling contest in high school.
Instagram: @oliviachaniewski

Melissa Kusack

Melissa Kusack

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Nickname: Melissa comes from the Greek word for “honey bee” so my mom has always called me that. 
Favorite hobby: I enjoy cooking and once a month I order Blue Apron, a delivery service of ingredients and recipes that you make at home. I try my best not to burn down my home every time I do it.
Secret talent: I can finish my shampoo and conditioner at the same time.
3 things to know about Melissa:
1. I decided on a career in fitness after receiving degrees in marketing and finance and working at an insurance company for many years.
2. I always have a banana in my bag.
3. I have only been to Vegas once, and it was to see Cher in concert.
Instagram: @melissakusack

Casey Palazzo

Casey Palazzo

Hometown: New York City, NY
Nickname: Lil dog
Favorite hobby: Shopping at HomeGoods. Please don't judge me.
Secret talent: I’m as crafty as they get! I can make something out of any materials as long as I have glue.
3 things to know about Casey:
1. The greatest lesson I ever learned was learning to believe in myself. I want to help others find that same freedom.
2. If Britney Spears and Lil Wayne had a child that was raised by hippies it would be me.
3. The best advice I was ever given is, “When you give someone a hug, be the last one to let go.”
Instagram: @cdutchi

Yumi Sugai

(Studio Director, INSTRUCTOR)

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Nickname: Yums and Yumster
Favorite hobbies: Traveling, trying different workouts, reading, sailing and skiing.
Secret talent: I can do really great handstands.
3 things to know about Yumi:
1. I was a collegiate athlete (track and cheerleading).
2. I attended medical school.
3. I'm extremely clumsy and tend to fall easily but recover well.
Instagram: @its_yumi

Brittany Grasmick

Brittany Grasmick

Hometown: Denver, CO
Nickname: Britt, Grazz, BTG, Salad Fingers
Favorite hobbies: I’m extremely active and love playing or watching sports. Running, hiking, biking, boxing, skiing, surfing, spinning—I do it all.
Secret talent: Expert-level music-playlist curator, homemade-cookie dough maker, and pigeon avoider.
3 things to know about Brittany:
1. I’m a practicing entertainment/IP attorney and published author.
2. My French bulldog, Francis (aka “Frank”), is named after my favorite artist, Frank Sinatra.
3. Known for my cackle, I also sport extremely long, skinny, elegant fingers—hence the nickname “Salad Fingers.”
Instagram: @btgworm

Melanie Murphy

Melanie Murphy

Hometown: Palm Desert, CA
Nickname: Mel, Melon, Capslock
Favorite hobbies: Initiating dance parties where they didn’t exist before, dominating at beach volleyball, playing in the waves, traveling to far-off lands and having adventures with family and friends.
Secret talent: I know all the words to every Billy Joel song and would challenge anyone to a Billy sing-off.
3 things to know about Melanie:
1. I’m currently a graduate student at USC, working towards my Master’s in Nutrition Science to become a registered dietitian in holistic and integrative nutrition.
2. My spirit animal is the Bison.
3. I have owned and operated my own health-and-wellness boutique PR agency for the past four years and have been working in healthcare PR for nearly a decade.
Instagram handle: @mgmurphy88


Sarah Isabel Vazquez

Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Nickname: Sarita and Sarisabel
Favorite hobby: Photography, traveling and hiking.
Secret talent: I have cat-like reflexes.
3 things to know about Sarah:
1. I make pottery.
2. I love dancing salsa.
3. I've walked El Camino de Santiago.
Instagram handle: @sarisabel

Mary Miller

Mary Miller

Hometown: Laguna Beach, CA
Favorite hobbies: I love waking up early, bike riding, spending all day at the beach, reading a good book and traveling anywhere and everywhere.
Secret talent: I can do Bear one-handed off the back of the Megaformer.
 3 things to know about Mary:
1. I went to the Junior Olympics in track and field when I was in 5th grade.
2. After college at the University of Colorado in Boulder and before moving to LA and working at The Studio (MDR), I was a snowboard instructor and lift operator in Mammoth for a season.
3. I am a middle child and left-handed.
Instagram: @marymiller2323

Justin Jairam

Justin Jairam

Hometown:  Born in the Bronx, NY but raised in Guyana, South America
Favorite hobby: Dancing; you play it, I’ll dance to it!
Secret talent: I have double-jointed fingers, knees and toes.
3 things to know about Justin:
1. I teach a challenging class, I think how you show up for yourself in the face of that challenge is one of life’s greatest insights.
2. When I was younger, I always wanted to be an Actor. So I moved to LA and made it happen. (Preparation + Opportunity= Luck/Success) Thank Seneca or Oprah!
3. My father’s favorite quote when I was younger: “Your attitude determines your altitude.” - Winston Jairam, said in a very deep, inspiring tone.
Instagram: @maybejustinalastair

Erica Brettler


Hometown: I’m a Jersey girl through and through! From Tenafly in North Jersey but been living in LA for 8 years and loving it.
Nickname: Peach (because my maiden name is Piccininni), and Er.
Favorite hobby: Playing violin in the Santa Monica Symphony.
Secret talent: I do a mean impression of a baby dinosaur hatching from an egg. I sing. Not at the same time!
3 things to know about Erica:
1. My parents are Italian immigrants - I speak Italian.
2. Yes, it's me in that TV commercial.
3. I can’t do a cartwheel. Or dive head first into water. But I can pretend to be a baby dinosaur jumping into water, so that’s useful.
Instagram: @ericapiccininni

Journey Kan

journey kan

Hometown: Walnut Grove, CA (You probably have never heard of it - yes, I'm a "small town girl")
Favorite hobby: Laughing at my own jokes
Nickname: Journs
Secret talent: Hoarding nail polish and beauty products
3 Things to know about Journey:
1. In school, I would do anything to get out of P.E., from faking an asthma attack to hiding behind the bleachers during the mile
2. I can make a pretty sexy Excel spreadsheet
3. My diet is 70% vegan and 30% circumstantial
Instagram: @journsLA

Grace Elizabeth Baen

Grace Elizabeth Baen   

Hometown: San Marcos, TX
Nickname: GeeBee, GiGi
Favorite hobbies: IDancing and teaching ballet, volunteering, eating, traveling, hanging at the beach and having great conversations about changing the world.
Secret talent: I have an abundance of bad jokes I like to tell my friends and strangers.
3 things to know about Grace:
1. I’m wildly optimistic and will find the positive in any situation.
2. I have three older brothers, meaning I’m the baby and the only girl—and the favorite.
3. For the last nine years I have volunteered with the ALA (American Library Association) to teach more than 4,500 high-school junior girls the different levels and forms of government, as well as how to write bills, legislate, debate and public speak.
Instagram: @gracebaen

January Malkus

January Malkus

Hometown: Huntington Beach , CA
Nickname: None.
Favorite hobby: Hip-hop dancing and singing.
Secret talent: Hula hooping. I won best hula-hooper at all the Bar and Bat Mitzvahs .
3 things to know about January:
1. I live on a boat.
2. I love my dog, Winston.
3. I’m a foodie and will try anything once.
Instagram handle: @msjanuaryy


Nicole Papadopoulos

Hometown: New Orleans until I was 10 years old and then Los Angeles
Nickname: Nicky P, Nick, Mama Papa
Favorite hobby: Working out with friends and shopping alone, coffee in hand
Secret talent: Knowing all '90s hip-hop songs word for word
3 things to know about Nicole:
1. Being a mom to my two kids comes first.
2. When I find something I love, I want to share it with everyone I love.
3. I speak Greek.
Instagram handle: @nicpapa_13