Before Lindsay Hallam was a teacher at The Studio (MDR), she was a student who lost 50 pounds by sticking to regular workouts and cleaning up her diet. Here’s a look at the healthy grub she keeps on hand to maintain her weight.

Lindsay's Fridge

The hardest part about losing weight for me in the past was always diet, because I LOVE FOOD so much. I've found that I stick to eating well due to staples that I always have on hand. The first is a pot of veggie chili that I make on Sunday for the week. It's cheap to make and easy to heat up when I'm famished or don't feel like cooking. Eggs, Ezekial bread, and various fresh seasonal fruit are always in my fridge for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are some combination of Trader Joe's microwaveable Brussels sprouts, asparagus, or baby bok choy with some kind of protein, like fish. Of course, I also keep plenty of vegetables on hand, such as peppers, onions, and mushrooms, which I like to throw on the grill in the summer. I always have a few bags of organic spinach, which I usually sneak into my diet by blending in my protein shakes -- you can't even taste it.

Speaking of beverages, I always have coconut water and wine in my fridge. I use one to hydrate when I go a little overboard on the other (just kidding!). The jar in the upper right corner is raw cashews soaking in water. I make cashew milk by blending soaked cashews with water, dates, vanilla bean, sea salt, and cinnamon.

I will admit this is the cleanest my fridge has ever looked! Normally it's a little more disorganized and chaotic, but it always contains the same healthy staples.