After spending 15 years in the music industry and generally burning the candle at both ends in both New York and Los Angeles, Lisa Hirsch realized she needed to make a career—and life—change. Lisa had always been a workout fanatic, but it was when she discovered the Lagree Method that a light bulb went on. Inspired by how significantly the workout changed her physique (not to mention her stress level), she decided to leave the music world behind and launch The Studio (MDR) in 2011. Her goal was to create a place where clients felt comfortable and inspired to make their well-being a priority—even if for only 50 minutes a day. Almost immediately, a loyal community of regulars began to inspire and motivate each other, while creating a safe space for newcomers to feel welcome. A second location opened in the fall of 2014, and our third location in Playa Vista opened in April of 2016! Come see what it is all about!