Image of Lisa Hirsch, owner of The Studio MDR

Prior to becoming the fitness entrepreneur that she is today, Lisa Hirsch-Solomon worked in New York City as a successful executive in the music industry for fifteen years. In 2007, Lisa made the life- changing decision to relocate to Los Angeles and reconnect with her true passion, fitness.

Growing up in New York, Lisa had always been a “Workout Queen”; donned in leg warmers, she would grapevine along with the Jane Fonda workout and experiment with different fitness classes like step aerobics and spinning. Later on in her music business days, working out had also been Lisa’s own private refuge where she could escape from the chaos of her demanding career. It wasn’t until she discovered the true benefits of the Lagree Method, in particular, and the incredible effect that the exercise can have on transforming one’s body that a light bulb went off.

Lisa’s ongoing study of physique training and nutrition while learning to live with epilepsy, in conjunction with the powerful results she experienced from the Lagree Method, all became a catalyst for change in other areas of her life. Drawing on her years of experience managing client relationships, nurturing new business opportunities and the positive impact fitness had on all aspects of her life, Lisa was inspired to pursue her dream of having her own studio. She launched the first The Studio (MDR) location in 2011.

Lisa's singular vision of creating a safe and comfortable space that was not only a workout, but a refuge for people to feel good, supported and empowered remains the ethos of The Studio (MDR). In eight + years, the studio now has four locations with a thriving community of loyal clients and interested newcomers, with plans to continue to expand.