LOOK IT!Kathryn Romeyn

The four classes I take weekly at The Studio (MDR) are truly the entire reason I look the way I do. (After all, the pizza and wine I consume on a very regular basis certainly don’t turn into muscle!) I have the wonderful, inspiring, sweat-inducing, tough-as-nails (MDR) staff to thank for kicking my ass into shape. Since I started, I have probably lost about 15 pounds (and definitely added muscle) and two jeans sizes. My style has also changed; I’ve noticed what I used to buy was sometimes slightly shapeless or oversized and now I will wear a crop top, short cutoffs or a bikini without feeling self-conscious. More than anything, these workouts have made me feel not only physically but mentally strong—strong enough to take on or deal with anything that comes my way. I love the way my body keeps changing and getting stronger, and that fuels my addiction and devotion to (MDR)!

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Eric Maldin

The classes at (MDR) are the hardest 50 minutes I've ever put myself through, so the results come hand in hand with being dedicated and forcing yourself to show up at least 3-4 times a week. A friend sent me a picture of myself from last year, and it really opened my eyes to see what a porker I was. While I have never really been one to step on a scale or measure my waist, I do know that my pants feel a little bigger than they used to and I have twice the energy than I did before getting on such a regimented workout schedule.



Cara Swann

I first came to the studio six months after trying to recover from a back injury (herniated disc) and felt a 180-degree difference after just four classes. This is no joke. I had done everything possible to try and "fix" my back—it was absurd. I had no idea how much this studio would change my life. I have been active my entire life and have always been involved in some sort of sport, whether with a team or individually or just for fun. Volleyball, softball, swimming, surfing, paddling, rafting … nothing has affected me like the studio. Every workout is difficult and humbling and makes me sweat like nobody's business, but I love it.

Cara Swann

Larry Cook

I began going to The Studio (MDR) again in April, 2014, and I was determined to stick with it three times a week, even when my demanding work schedule got crazy. I'm happy to say that, for the most part, I've been able to stick to the workouts and I certainly feel a difference. For starters, I've lost 10 pounds and my belt buckles are now two notches tighter. I also find that I can hold the various poses and exercises longer, and with better form. I've had a couple close friends tell me that they see a difference in me, especially with more definition in my legs, arms and abs. I’ve also noticed that I walk more upright, and that translates into more confidence. Every single class I take is an accomplishment, because as we all know, it's hard work! Thank you, (MDR) and Mary Miller for helping me achieve my goals for a better-toned and great-feeling body!

Larry Cook


Elijah Allan- Blitz

Hearing the phrase "Posture is power" changed the way I move in my body. I realized that if all of my movements originate from my spine, everything is in alignment with itself and I begin to "move from the inside out." As an actor, I literally am my instrument. My body is my mind physically manifesting itself and (MDR) is the tool I use most to keep it in tune. It's not just about "being in shape," it's about everything working in harmony. From what I eat to what I say and even how I enter a room, that's the constant invitation I get from my work at The Studio (MDR) to look it, feel it, and live it.

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Steven and Shane Davis

Working out at The Studio (MDR) together is an amazing way to spend time with each other doing something that's out of our usual routine. The classes are physically and mentally challenging, and it feels good to struggle through them together. Being pushed together by the MDR teachers helps us feel more connected to each other outside the studio.