Recently, I challenged myself to partake in the Whole30! What is that you ask? Well, the Whole30 is the original nutritional program designed to reset your body. It was designed to help put an end to unhealthy cravings and habits, restore a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, and balance your immune system. Basically, for 30 days I completely stripped my diet of any psychologically unhealthy, hormone-unbalancing, gut-disrupting, inflammatory food groups.

Being in the fitness industry as well as the entertainment world, you never know when a last minute photo shoot can creep up on you. Therefore, its always best to be prepared. On top of maintaining a healthy lifestyle such as classes at the Studio (MDR) 3 times a week, yoga 2/3 times a week, and an occasional run/jog by the beach, I believe that the food that goes into your body is what creates YOU!  I did the challenge last year as well and felt fantastic! Thus, I decided to give my body a little change up this past month. Right now, I feel great, light and full!

Interested? Here's a little insight of my daily life these past (almost) 30 days! It is very doable and you never feel like you are starving. I do have to say, that I am not a doctor, so I can only give advice on what I know works for me.



  • 2 eggs. (I usually prefer boiled or scrambled. For scrambled I mix all ingredients together. For boiled I add a pinch of salt to each egg)
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 Handful of spinach with tomatoes 
  • 1/2 medium apple 

Post Teaching/Workout Snack:

  • Piece of fruit
  • Almonds or cashews


  • Israeli Salad (Cucumbers, tomatoes, red peppers all cut up. Add lemon, salt, pepper)
  • Piece of grilled chicken (On the stove for a few minutes with salt and pepper) 
  • 1 Sweet Potato (Keep in oven for 20 minutes)


  • Cauliflower Rice (My new favorite thing ever! Here is a great recipe on how to make it. ) 
  • Classic Chili
  • Strawberries/blackberries



  • Added Sugar (Real or artificial)
  • Alcohol
  • Grains 
  • Legumes
  • Dairy
  • Carrageenan, MSG or sulfites.

Things that saved me:

  • Trader Joes Sparkling Water (Lemon or Lime flavor)
  • LARA bars (make sure to read ingredients. The Apple Pie flavor is best!)
  • Almonds