Sleep can impact your body just as much as constant exposure to toxins or a bad diet. A lack of sleep can have many negative impacts. It is a major stress on the body, which can lead to weight gain, hormone imbalance, lowered immune function, hair loss, and premature aging.

Let’s begin looking at sleep like it’s an event. You can’t run around all day like a crazy woman and expect your body to calm down the second your head hits the pillow. So lets prepare for bed like an event. Turn down the lights and set an ambiance. Throw some lavender into your diffuser. Take a bath or a relaxing shower. Put your phone away and journal instead. Sip on chamomile tea. Stretch, do a few yoga poses, or meditate. Create a routine of preparing yourself for bed.

Remember when you were a kid? You had bath time then story time, both of which prepared you for bed. Well big kids need this transition too. Take a half hour to yourself and prepare for bed… you deserve it!

  1. Wake up and go to bed at the same time to keep your hormone cycle regular (even weekends!)

  2. Create a bedtime ritual: warm bath or shower, reading, herbal tea, etc.

  3. Avoid caffeine after 1 pm

  4. Digital detox an hour before bed. This mean no phones, computers, TVs, or iPads…Just five minutes of blue light exposure reduces your melatonin production.

  5. Install F.lux on your computers and devices to reduce blue light exposure after sundown.

  6. Write down anything on your mind or that you need to do the next day so when you hit the pillow your thoughts are not racing

  7. Gratitude Journal: jot down 3 things you’re grateful for or share them with your partner

  8. Reducing stress is imperative, 10 minutes of meditation before bed can greatly reduce stress and help you to drift off to sleep

  9. Make sure your room is dark and cold. The best temperature for your body to sleep is from 60 to 66 degrees.

Sweet Dreams!

*photo via @parachutehome