LisaI'm in the mood for love … and no, I am not talking about a recent blind date. What's going on you ask? Keep reading. Every day at The Studio (MDR) someone asks Ky, myself, or one of the other teachers about what they should put in their body -- and what we put in ours. So here it is (drum roll please): I have a new-found LOVE for food. Loving food is not being a glutton. It is truly appreciating what goes into your mouth and how it will help you grow, repair damage, live longer, look hotter, feel stronger, and LOVE yourself.

Life is way too short to deprive your body of the sustenance it needs. This took me many years to really understand, and don’t get me wrong -- I am still a student of the science of nutrition and work on loving myself daily. Make no joke about it, being a woman (or even a guy) in Los Angeles is TOUGH. It took a good 40 years for me to really be comfortable with who I am and to learn to love myself through eating more food (the right food, of course). What I’ve learned is that eating multiple times a day actually boosts my energy, keeps the scale at my perfect weight, and keeps my skin looking good, too.

When it comes down to it, what you put in your body is 80 percent of the battle. We can take care of the rest with proper training -- a.k.a. The Studio (MDR) -- and a little love and grace when we mess up.  We are constantly bombarded by the media, friends, even doctors going on and on about the latest diet or fad workout, and it can all be quite overwhelming. What we need to remember is that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. (Sorry, if there was a simple answer you wouldn't be ask'n me!) If I have questions about nutrition, I call our friend, The Studio (MDR) student, and celebrity dietitian Ashley Koff, RD. If I have questions about my workout, I ask Ky.  Please know that you are not in this alone. Be a student of your body.

So, this month when you catch a glimpse of yourself in The Studio (MDR) mirrors, give yourself a little love … actually, give yourself a whole lot of it. The scale may or may not be moving as much as you’d like, but your pants are probably a little looser and someone else has likely noticed how beautiful you look. I know I have.

With love and a big hug,